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Original Live Broadcast:
Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Newspaper Next 2.0 Webcast


An overview of the just-published report
Newspaper Next 2.0: Making the Leap
Beyond 'Newspaper Companies'

Featured Discussion Leaders

Stephen T. Gray
Managing Director, Newspaper
Next, American Press Institute

Session: The New Vision; Case Study Review
Stephen T. Gray

Gordon Borrell
President & CEO, Borrell

Session: The Most Promising
Online Revenue Opportunities

Gordon Borrell


What's Covered


The Webcast begins with an overview of the emerging vision of what newspaper organizations must become if they are to thrive in their communities. It then examines some of the case studies of newspaper organizations around the country and the innovative products they've brought to market using Newspaper Next concepts and methods.

Finally, the Webcast discusses the most promising areas for online revenue growth, and how to assess them in your market.






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