An educated person is familiar with the Bible

The Bible and Its Influence is a a feast for the mind, the eye, and the heart. Instructive,
beautiful, and engaging!”
Amy A. Kass, Ph.D., University of Chicago

Archived Video Webcast of the Launch of the Textbook:
The Bible and Its Influence

The Bible and Its InfluenceThursday, September 22, 2005
National Press Club
Washington, DC


Endorsed Across Ideological and Religious Spectrum

Hailed Equally For Scholarship and Adherence To First Amendment Parameters

Event: Release of new, landmark Bible Literacy Project student textbook, the first for academic study of the Bible in public schools in nearly 30 years. The first to be reviewed by eminent scholars, to meet First Amendment standards, and to establish a broad coalition of support.


Chuck Stetson -- Chairman and founder, Bible Literacy Project
Cullen Schippe --
Textbook editor
Dr. Marie Wachlin -- Head of Teacher Training and Pilot program, professor at Concordia University, Portland, and author of The Bible Literacy Report: What do American teens need to know and what do they know?
Dr. Leland Ryken - Clyde S. Kilby Professor of English, Wheaton College, IL
Dr. Charles C. Haynes - Senior scholar of the First Amendment Center
Marc Stern - General counsel for the American Jewish Congress

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