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Original broadcast date Tuesday, October 16, 2001

New Standards for Professional Development Schools Are Tool to Address Teacher Quality and Shortage Issues

Teacher training in the ivory tower? Not anymore. New standards for the clinical preparation of teachers announce the dawn of a new day for teacher preparation. The new standards, developed under the auspices of the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), describe the teaching profession's expectations for innovative institutions called Professional Development Schools (PDSs). The implementation of these standards provides a way to enhance teacher quality and help answer the teacher shortage issue. Experts on PDSs, the new model of clinical preparation for teachers, release the standards at:

Event Participants:
- Virginia Pilato
, Chief of Program Approval and Assessment,
Maryland State Department of Education

- Robert Yinger, Dean of the School of Education, Baylor University and
President, The Holmes Partnership

- Kathleen Gagne, PDS Coordinator, Chestnut Accelerated Middle School Springfield, Massachusetts

- Marsha Levine, Director of the NCATE PDS Standards Project
Arthur Wise, NCATE President

PDSs are partnerships between colleges and universities and P-12 schools similar to teaching hospitals in the field of medicine, where new physicians complete their training. PDSs are a growing national trend-one-third of accredited teacher preparation institutions are engaged in these innovative partnerships, Maryland and Louisiana have recently enacted policy that requires all public teacher preparation institutions to initiate PDSs, and policies encouraging PDSs have been enacted in Georgia, South Carolina, and New Jersey.

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