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Intelligence Growth
Increased Creativity
Broader Comprehension
Improved Perception
Greater Orderliness
Lower Blood Pressure
Improved Health

Reduced Anxiety

Reduced Medical Care-1

Reduced Medical Care-2

Decreased Stress

Reversal of Aging

Change in Breathing

Deep Rest
Increased Productivity
Improved Relations at Work

Decreased Drug Abuse

Self Actualization

Increased Self-Concept

Increased Relaxation
Decreased Violent Fatalities
Improved Quality of Life

Decreased Crime

Reduced Conflict

The Transcendental Meditation Program
A Scientifically Validated Program

Maharishi Announce Proposal
for Permanent World Peace

Originally broadcast live on Sept. 28, 2001

D.C. Panelists:

- His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
(Live via satellite from Vlodrop, Holland)

- John Hagelin, Ph.D.
Natural Law Party presidential candidate in the 2000 election

- Major General Kulwant Singh
Highly decorated military leader in India and an expert in anti-terrorism

Maharishi's Proposal: Full-page announcements are appearing in major newspapers in the U.S. and worldwide this week presenting Maharishi's practical, proven proposal for averting war and creating immediate -- and permanent -- peace in the world. Maharishi, who first introduced Transcendental Meditation over 40 years ago, is calling for the establishment of a group in India of 40,000 experts trained in ancient Vedic technologies of defense to neutralize the acute tensions and fears gripping the world today. To fund this urgently-needed group on a permanent basis, Maharishi is calling on successful, visionary leaders to create an endowment of $1 billion. Maharishi's proposal is not new. He has been urging government leaders and the wealthy to establish large groups of meditating experts for decades, from the Cuban Missile crisis through Vietnam, the Iran hostage crisis, and Bosnia. Until now, America's leaders have been so confident of our military might that no one has looked to new approaches to protect the nation. But times have changed. With conventional means of defense unable to defend the nation -- and with a deadly enemy that cannot even be found, much less eliminated -- world leaders are starting to listen.

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